The Opossum-Palooza

It's okay. We don't know what the name means either.


A Little Dap For the Gators

I don't really give a shit about the final BCS standings. Wake Forest stayed in the top 20, finishing higher than BC, Va Tech and Tennessee, all of which makes me happy, but still relatively unmoved as I look forward to ACC basketball (UVa ain't bad - I'll spend my time thinking about them in lieu of Wake).
But I tell you what does make me excited.
The fact that I won (ok - tied, but whatever) Awful Announcing's Bowl Pool. I got me a "Free Harold Reynolds" shirt and a chance to write a post at -- a site that gets (and I'm ballparking here) 120,000 times more hits than I do.
Now is the time to for the world to experience my singular, bourbon-fueled genius.
Shit -- what will I say? Can I talk about buttsex? Is it okay to swear?
I was called the Sybill of sports fans the other day by a friend for my seemingly random choices of teams to follow. Is that worth expanding on? Probably only if I can reference anal sex and use profanity.
In closing -- Thanks, Gators for beating the shit out of The Ohio State University so I don't have to hear more shit about them. And also so I get to win something.
Chomp, Chomp.

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The Bears, Really?

So over at the NFL site, there is a little questionnaire that helps you figure out whom to root for in the playoffs.
I got the Bears.
What a bunch of shit.
I can't cheer for the Bears. Period. End of story.
At least it didn't tell me to root for the Patriots, because as hot as he is, Tom Brady is dead to me for knocking out the Titans.
As much as it pains me, I'm gonna stick with the Seahawks, because Captain Caveman is the balls

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I Fucking Hate Notre Dame

It should be obvious to anyone who knows me that I don't really give a shit about either LSU or Notre Dame, but I have to draw the line here.

LSU has to win this game. If only so Lou Holtz will be put out to pasture, as he so rightly deserves to be.

Also, as I think more about it, I spent many, many drunken hours in the state of Louisiana and am looking forward to visiting again this Spring for Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

So, quick breakdown of tonight's game, actual football be damned: On the one hand, we have the team for which NBC was named apparently (The Notre Dame Broadcasting Company, anyone?). ON the other, we have a team whose fans appear to be a bunch of crazy, slightly dangerous, drunken, pseudo-French-speaking Cajuns.

I'm choking back the bile as I type this, but "Geaux, Tigers!"

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