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Fuck You, Pro Bowl

First, may I just say that I love having the freedom around here to drop the F-Bomb...and in a headline, no less.
Now on to the issue at hand.
Neither Vince Young nor Dreamboat Tom Brady are on the roster for the 2007 Pro Bowl, not even as reserves. Stupid fetus head Peyton Manning is starting and Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers will be acting as reserves.
I blame myself -- the votes are counted in thirds, including fans, player and coaches.
And you know the players ain't gonna vote for Dreamboat, they're jealous of all the mad trim that gets thrown his way on a regular basis.
Plus, my boy Vince Young is just such a goddamn bad ass that other players and coaches are just stone terrified of him.
So, I fell down on the job in this regard. I mean, if I can stuff the ballot box at deadspin to elect "Run you stupid fucking Dinosaur, run" I really ought to have gotten off my ass to vote for these two superstars.
I'm hereby cursing all three of the quarterbacks in the Pro Bowl, because if my boys can't play, then I don't want anyone to play.
So there

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