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It's okay. We don't know what the name means either.


It was bound to happen...

If you have any sort of interest in the Washington Capitals, you are no doubt already aware of the fact that there are a good twenty or so blogs out there already devoted to the team, most of them top-notch establishments. It is for that very reason that I have refrained from setting one up in my own little corner of the Internet. With so many voices already talking, there probably isn't much I can add to the conversation. But the truth is, I have a lot to say, regardless of whether or not someone else has already said it.

Given that fact, and the fact that I am constantly endeavoring to keep this here Opossum-Palooza free of my overt biases and predispositions, I've finally given in and launched myself a little Capitals-centric blog. No, I'm not necessarily proud of myself for it. Frankly, I feel kind of dirty. But I am excited, especially since the nice folks at Google are letting me use the new Blogger Beta to put it together, meaning a much snappier look than we've got going on here at the O-P.

So head on over to The Kevin Hatcher Fan Club (Important Disclaimer: Not an actual fan club). In my first two days as an honest to goodness Caps blogger, I've already recapped some games, made my all-star picks and even revisited the issue of wider ice surfaces in the NHL, something I looked at here back in May. I hope you enjoy it.

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