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Notes From a Night of Hockey - 11/25

Nashville 6 - Detroit 2
The Predators took full advantage of the chance to wear their heinously ugly yellow sweaters, using them to distract and disorient the Red Wings en route to a convincing win. The Ugliest Uniforms In Sports now have a four point lead in the Central division.

Philadelphia 4 - Montreal 2
Don't look now, but the Flyers have put together back to back wins for only the second time all year. It is now only a matter of time before they catch up to the Islanders for the division lead. Or, you know, lose a whole lot of games again.

Atlanta 1 - Florida 0

Ten points to whoever can figure out which celebrity it is that Kari Lehtonen vaguely reminds me of, because it has been driving me nuts for months.

Other NHL Action
Columbus 5 - Minnesota 3
NY Islanders 4 - Washington 1
Boston 3 - Toronto 1
NY Rangers 2 - Pittsburgh 1 (OT)
Phoenix 2 - St. Louis 1
Colorado 4 - Vancouver 1
Los Angeles 3 - Calgary 1
San Jose 2 - New Jersey 0

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At 6:07 PM, Blogger Chris said...

i take offense to that. the titans baby powder blue jerseys are much worse.


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