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Notes from a Night of Hockey - 10/06/06

Florida Panthers 8 - Boston Bruins 3
I've got some bad news folks: It is entirely possible that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'll give you a minute to let that one sink in... Okay, ready? Todd Bertuzzi had a goal and three assists in his debut in Florida, in spite of the fact that I quite clearly stated in my Panthers preview that the trade for Bertuzzi was a poor dicision. The nerve of some people. Joe Nieuwendyk added two goals as the Panthers made the Bruins look just plain silly.
Vancouver Canucks 3 - Columbus Blue Jackets 2 (OT)
Double your pleasure, double your fun. Or some other such cliched saying about twins. Henrik Sedin had the assist and Daniel Sedin had the goal in overtime for the Canucks, who are now 2-0.The idea of having a pair of identical twins on the ice at the same time playing for the same team always seemed a little unfair to me. I would think it would be somewhat confusing for the other team.
New Jersey Devils 4 - Carolina Hurricanes 0
The Hurricanes lost for the second straight game to a team that they eliminated from the playoffs last year. After winning 31 games at home last season, Carolina is now 0-2 (or rather 0-1-1, ugh) at home so far this year.

Other scores:
Buffalo 5 - Montreal 4 (SO)
Anaheim 4 - Los Angeles 3

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