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Obligatory Redskins Discussion Post

That felt goooood. The Redskins offense is a completely different animal with Clinton Portis lining up in the backfield and the Skins proved it tonight. After all the talk about last week being a fluke performance against a slipshod defense, the Redskins showed up at FedEx Field and put up 152 rushing yards, breaking Jacksonville's 13-game streak of not allowing a 100-yard rushing game. Perhaps the bigger story is that Portis wasn't the story, with all the focus going to Santan Moss and his three touchdowns. It looks like Al Saunders' playbook might finally be starting to make some sense.

On the other side of the ball, the defense allowed only 33 yards rushing, which is an obscenely low number. Presumably, this is because at some point the Jaguars realized that they could pass the ball downfield more or less at will. Not to take anything away from the Skins' run defense, which was impressive, but the weaknesses in the secondary are going to be an issue. Get well soon, Sean Springs.

Also, the Redskins had four penalties for 40 yards. Not good, but not nearly as bad as the first three weeks.

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