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Wake Forest Football - Believe It, Bitches

Two posts in a row with profanity in the title. I'm pretty sure I can keep this up all the time. Maybe that'll be my 2007 Resolution: I hereby resolve to swear in the title of every O-P make up for the fact that I can't swear in the fanhouse.
I just wanted really quickly to drag myself out of the Vince Young slurp-a-thon and give some love to the Wake Forest football team.
They're playing Louisville in the Orange Bowl on January 3rd, and even though they're 10-point underdogs right now, I'm still picking them to win (or at least cover). This is partially because the bourbon-flavored kool-aid from the Deacs may be a different color (black - spooky) than the Titans' brew, but has the same effect - unrepentant homerism. It's also because this is it for me and my Deacs and post-season play.
It's a truly topsy-turvy world -- the football team is playing respectably in post-season and the basketball team gets beat by the Air Force Academy.
Finally, Jim Grobe, Wake's football coach, won Coach of the Year, beating out Rutgers' Greg Schiano. I'm so goddamn proud of the Deacs.

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Fuck You, Pro Bowl

First, may I just say that I love having the freedom around here to drop the F-Bomb...and in a headline, no less.
Now on to the issue at hand.
Neither Vince Young nor Dreamboat Tom Brady are on the roster for the 2007 Pro Bowl, not even as reserves. Stupid fetus head Peyton Manning is starting and Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers will be acting as reserves.
I blame myself -- the votes are counted in thirds, including fans, player and coaches.
And you know the players ain't gonna vote for Dreamboat, they're jealous of all the mad trim that gets thrown his way on a regular basis.
Plus, my boy Vince Young is just such a goddamn bad ass that other players and coaches are just stone terrified of him.
So, I fell down on the job in this regard. I mean, if I can stuff the ballot box at deadspin to elect "Run you stupid fucking Dinosaur, run" I really ought to have gotten off my ass to vote for these two superstars.
I'm hereby cursing all three of the quarterbacks in the Pro Bowl, because if my boys can't play, then I don't want anyone to play.
So there

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Sports Brawl Breakdown

I don't know why, but I just love this list of some kick-ass sports brawls.
Regarding Pedro vs Zimmer, I was in a bar in New York when it happened. A nice bartender took pity on me and let me out through the kitchen. Seriously.
Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that some drunk Yankees fans would have taken it out on me.
Maybe I shouldn't have been talking so much shit, but anyone who knows me is aware that I'm hard-wired to talk smack about sports. I cannot help myself.
Maybe some day I'll learn decorum when in the public forum.
Pfft - Not fucking likely.

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Why Are the Yinzer Everywhere?

So I went to my local bar to watch the Titans yesterday -- who, by the way, are 7-7. That's right the fucking Titans are playing .500 football. Believe it, bitches!
Anyway, as people know, I live in Washington, DC so I expected the Redskins-Saints game to be on the biggest of the large-screen TVs – as much as I hate them, the Skins are the home team, after all.
But no – a whole passle of Yinzers took over my bar and had their game on the big TV with sound. What a bunch of insufferable douchetards those Yinzers are. They actually still care about their head-injured QB and the rag-tag group of losers known as the Steelres. I gues I should give them credit but all I want to do is punch them in the face.
And here’s the deal, Pittsburghers. There is already a Yinzer bar on Capitol Hill – it’s called the Pour House and is my own personal version of hell. So don’t turn my perfectly good local tavern into some sort of adjunct Steelers outpost. We are just too decent for that sort of thing.

And that picture up there? Child abuse, pure and simple.

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I'm Back - With Raging Lust for the Dreamboat

Only the news delivered by my beloved fellow blogger Captain Caveman that Tom Brady is single again could get this screaming fangirl back on the blogger train. I've been spending most of my time writing about the Titans over at the aol fanhouse, but I think we all know that it ain't Vince Young that gets my knickers in a twist.
As cliche as it is, I do love me some Tom Brady. And now that he single again, I'm going to being "Operation Siobhan's Shock and Awe."
Not sure exactly what that entails yet, but I'll keep you posted.
Oh -- and look for pictures from my trip tp Kentucky (my native state) that include me with the world's biggest bat, me with fake Barbaro ("you cannot read this...") and me loving up on a barrel on Maker's Mark in typically classy Siobhan fashion.
Hooray, Bourbon!

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