The Opossum-Palooza

It's okay. We don't know what the name means either.


Wee! An RFK fieldtrip!

Tomorrow night marks the "Grand Re-opening" of RFK Stadium and the Washington Nationals here in Washington, and we here at the Opossum-Palooza would be remiss if we failed to cover the "event". Thus, we will be attending tomorrow night's game and reporting on all the exciting goings-on. You can expect a full report on the new and improved RFK (if not a new and improved team) sometime over the weekend. There may even be pictures.

Siobhan's note: What with the steam-cleaned concourse and the large-headed presidential mascots running the bases, it may be too much excitement for me.
Any and all are welcome to join us. If you want a piece of the action, email me: bosoxsiobhan(at) - I promise not to get as drunk as I was at the Deadspin field trip. Saturday is my old man's birthday, which means happy fun family day in VA. That'll be bad enough without a raging gin-based hangover

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At 4:23 PM, Blogger Unsilent Majority said...

you didn't have to drink gin just because i was!

At 6:15 PM, Blogger BoSox Siobhan said...

I want to be like you, UM. There's the true story.
And much to my surprise, I've learned to like that gin in the brown bottle, which, by the way, is how I always order it now.


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