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The home run derby is insufferable

I've mentioned lately that I would like the Opossum-Palooza to be a little less hockey-centric, but try as I might, I just can't seem to get away from it. I'm sure this will change once football season heats up, but that still leaves several other sports unattended to. The solution? In addition to some minor changes to the link section as well as the color scheme, the most important change...

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the newest contributor here at The Opossum-Palooza: BoSox Siobhan. Those of you who patronize the Deadspin will recognize her unique brand of vulgar smart-assery (to which I vow to remain the erstwhile straight man) Think of it this way: If Kissing Suzy Kolber is "Deadspin: All Stars", The Opossum-Palooza is sort of a "Deadspin: Honorable Mention" (Siobhan's note: Speak for yourself, Biff. I think of myself as Deadspin's drunken, indecorous princess). First up: The excitement of the MLB All-Star Game. Siobhan, take it away...

OK - I was going to wait until tomorrow to write about the All-Star game and how full of shit it is, but I am compelled to weigh in here during this damnable HR Derby. I'm bored in a way that no drinking game I can concoct will alleviate...I don't even care if David Ortiz wins or not. I will say this: if that douchebag Berman would quit pronouncing "Papi" like "Pap" smear, I'd be a happy woman. What the hell is the matter with Berman that he can't even get THAT right? But it has been fun to watch the Yinzers in the Allegheny River fighting each other with oars and nets for the long balls. So rather than watching any more of this (and having to watch the ESPY commercials ad nauseum) I'm going out for a beer. So ends my first ever blog post. That didn't hurt a bit.

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