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Say what you will about Peter Angelos (I certainly have) but there is actually one instance where he is not only in the right, he is a shining beacon of truth and justice: Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I am, of course, loathe to ever side with Angelos on anything, but his ability to remain free of corporate-naming-rights corruption actually astounds me. Especially given the Ravens' home, M&T Bank Stadium (rolls off the tongue, no?) right across the street. Not to mention the new Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium down I-95 at the University of Maryland.

There are few things in sports that rub me the wrong way more than naming sporting venues after corporations. I understand why it happens. I'm not completely stupid. But that doesn't stop me from getting pissed off when "The Capital Centre" becomes "USAir Arena" (I even got pissed when MCI Center was renamed). Nor does it stop me from being quite amused when corporate naming rights backfire, like Enron Field, or BankOne Ballpark (refered to by locals simply as The BOB, much to the chagrin of BankOne bigwigs).

So it is with some fascination that I watch the developments surrounding the artist currently known as Cardinals Stadium. Obviously, it is not likely that the name will remain the same. There have already been some rumors as to who the new sponsor will be, and, ultimately, the name will probably just end up going to the highest bidder. But Off Wing Opinion has alerted me to a fascinating, and altogether brilliant, idea. Pat Tillman Stadium, anybody? If I had any sort of influence over anyone, I would do everything I could to make this a reality.

FANTASY HOCKEY UPDATE: The O-P Hockey League has already added two members, and it is entirely possible, as far as you know, that neither of them are related to me by blood (though not particularly likely). Only nine spots left, so sign up now! (BigTDog earns special honors for choosing a team name that caused me to shoot milk out my nose. At least, it would have, had I been drinking milk. Even if the league doesn't get enough members and I have to scrap the whole thing, that made the whole thing worth it.)

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