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What? Too Soon?

It's the end of August, folks. A time to look ahead to fall. The new television season and the NFL are right around the corner. It's a time to reflect, and to prepare yourself for your upcoming fantasy draft. In keeping with the times we here at the Opossum-Palooza (and by "we" I of course mean "me". Siobhan had nothing to do with it) have decided to start an official fantasy league for this here blog. Introducing The O-P Fantasy Hockey League. Siobhan's note - more than having "nothing to do with it," I'm actively ignoring the whole sad thing. Fantasy football is bad enough, but fantasy hockey? New lows in sports-geekery.

Yeah. That's right. I said hockey. Forget all this football nonsense, hockey season is just 39 days, 8 hours and 42 minutes away. Which just might be enough time to find eleven other people who actually like hockey. Although I'm not particularly optimistic. If I can't get enough people, I'll probably just scrap the whole thing and play in a public league like I usually do.

So, tell your friends (or your enemies) to go to the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports page to sign up. The league ID# is 12763 and the password is "ovechkin".

I feel dirty.



At 12:34 AM, Blogger BigTDog said...

I'll drink the Kool Aid. Fantasy Hockey just might be what the doctor ordered.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger BoSox Siobhan said...

Jesus, T.
NFL and NHL? You, my friend, have too much free time on your hands. Wanna come clean my house?


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