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IHWC Update

On Thursday, Russia ousted the Ukraine, winning 6-0 in their first qualifying round game on the strength of a goal and two assists from Alex Ovechkin. The same day, Canada blew Latvia out of the water (or ice, rather, as it were) to the tune of 11-0. Jason Williams, of the Detroit Red Wings, had a goal and three assists, while Sydney Crosby added a goal and an assist (Caps' up-and-comer Matt Pettinger had a goal as well).

For comparison's sake, Sydney Crosby is leading the tournament in scoring, with a line of 5-4-9, while Alex Ovechkin is currently tied at seventh, with a 4-2-6 mark.

Oh, right... the US lost on Friday to Finland, and won today against Latvia. As near as I can tell, the USA will clinch a spot in the playoff round with a loss by Norway tomorrow. Speaking of Norway, the IHWC website has an article spotlighting their third string goaltender which has an exceptionally entertaining picture/caption. Another article of note on the tournament's official site: a Q&A with Sydney Crosby in which we discover that he enjoys country music and will soon be getting a puppy.



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