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7-6 vs 2-1

With both series entering into their second game tonight, I ask you, my valued reader(s), which you think was more exciting? The 7-6 Game 1 in Ottawa, or the 2-1 Game 1 in San Jose?

I wish I had been able to see the Buffalo-Ottawa game, so as to adequately compare and contrast the two games. Obviously, the game up in Ottawa was an example of everything Gary Bettman wants to see from the post-lockout NHL. I noticed in the Edmonton-San Jose game, though, that the officials were letting play go alot more than I had previously seen in this year's playoffs. As a result, the game had more of a pre-lockout, hard nosed, classic NHL Playoffs feel to it, and I loved every minute of it. The die-hard hockey fan in me keeps telling me that this is how the game was meant to be played. Not that there's anything wrong with a game that features 13 goals, but the thing I've always loved about hockey is that every goal carries so much weight. Used to be, in hockey, a one goal lead was a big deal, far more than a one run lead would be in baseball, or a seven point lead in football. (Don't even get me started on basketball.) I fear that if the NHL turns into a league where every game features double-digit goal totals, the importance of a single goal will be significantly diminished and, as a result, some of the excitement will be lost.

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