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A-Sor: Home Run King?

Albert Pujols was taken out of the Cardinals' 8-5 loss to the Cubs last night after the second inning after straining his right oblique muscle running down a fly ball. He could be out up to six weeks. Which is pretty awful if you're Bud Selig or MLB. Pujols had provided a delightful (and sorely needed) counterpoint to all the Barry Bonds hoopla, and was finally starting to get the respect that he deserves after having been overshadowed by Bonds' artificially enhanced dominance over the past few years. He was even on pace to Barry's single-season home run record.

This means that now Alfonso Soriano now has the most home runs of any non-injured player in the National League. (I know, I know, Ryan Howard also has 19 and has played two fewer games. I'm slightly unabashed in my homerism. Sue me.) I think if A-Sor finished the year leading the NL in home runs, it would be the worst possible thing that could happen. Anything that makes Jim Bowden look like less of an incompetent dolt is not okay in my book.

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