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Sabres-Hurricanes Recap

This was a fittingly exciting conclusion to what has been an exceptionally well played, evenly matched series. I was all ready to spend several paragraphs complaining about the delay-of-game rule that led to Brind'amour's game-winning goal, but then he added a gorgeous assist on Jason Williams' insurance goal to erase any chance for whining from Sabres fans. It's a shame that the Sabres had to lose this game, because they played exceptionally well. It's got to be hard for the people in Buffalo to look at this series and all the injuries and wonder what might have been. From my stance as a dispassionate observer, I don't think having McKee in the lineup would have made much of a difference, and I don't think there was much more Buffalo could have done, injuries or not. Ryan Miller was absolutely spectacular, but the 'Canes defense, especially down the stretch, was just too good. Hats off to both teams for providing one of the most compelling, exciting playoff series in a long time.

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