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Mark Cuban is Coming

This troubles me. It causes me to question everything I believe in. I don't know what to think, how to feel, where to go. Mark Cuban wants to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins. I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mark Cuban is, in my estimation, the best owner in sports.

I like Mark Cuban, alot. Regardless of your opinion of his constant criticism of NBA officiating that comes across as whining, there is no denying that he is as commited to winning as anybody, and is probably better at figuring out how to get there than anybody. If he can build a successful team around Dirk Nowitzki, imagine what he could do with a bona fide superstar like Sidney Crosby.

I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins, alot. I have to. Its engrained into my psyche having grown up during the years of Pittsburgh's dominance over the Washington Capitals. I'll never forget going to Game One of the 2000 playoffs and seeing the 2nd seeded Caps lose 7-1 to the 7th seeded Penguins.

So I just don't know how to feel. On the one hand, I think Mark Cuban would be an asset to the NHL, and his marketing/business savy would probably end up helping the Caps too. If anyone can make a big deal out of Ovechkin vs. Crosby its him. But at the same time, I was kind of looking forward to the day the Penguins moved to Portland and the Caps took over their spot in the Atlantic Division, reuniting them with old Patrick Division rivals like the Flyers and Rangers. Seeing as how Mark Cuban has made his involvement contingent upon the Penguins staying in Pittsburgh, this would be a serious blow to my pipe dreams.

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