The Opossum-Palooza

It's okay. We don't know what the name means either.



I can totally relate to this.

Ever since I was born, I have never gone a full NHL season without attending at least one Capitals game. Only one time did I ever come close to breaking this streak: In 1998, the Capitals entered the Stanley Cup Playoffs as a fourth seed and I figured the streak was bound to end, as I had no plans to attend any first round games (and since when do the Caps make it out of the first round?). Of course, the Caps just kept winning in the playoffs that year, and I will always believe that they did it specifically for the purpose of allowing me the chance to keep my streak alive. I finally got a chance to go to a game on June 2, 1998, Game 5 of the conference finals against Buffalo. A game the Caps lost 2-1. Having finally helped me to accomplish my task of attending a game during the 1997-98 season, they subsequently managed to win just one more game before being swept by the Red Wings in the franchise's only appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. To this day, there is still a part of me that hasn't forgiven myself for going to that game, as well as a part of me that considers never attending a Capitals game again. At least, not until they've at least won their first Stanley Cup.

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